TwoCanConnect – v1.55 Release

See whats new in our updated version of TwoCanConnect.

We have been working over the last few months to optimise the user experience when using TwoCanConnect. Our next release is our most feature rich release to date.

The major changes include a full configuration page redesign along with a complete rebuild of the backend syncing code and logic to allow more efficient syncing and future-proofing of the product. 

Release Schedule

6th January, 2020 – New Customers / AppExchange Listing Active, Manual Upgrade Possible Via Installation Link.

15th January, 2020 – Sandboxes Automatically Upgraded.

1st February 2020 – Production Instances Automatically Upgraded.


  • New Configuration Layout and Lightning Components

Gone is the old, archaic look when setting up TwoCanConnect. Everything has now been redesigned to use lightning-friendly layouts and components.

Easily check the status of the connection, any issues and more directly from the configuration page. Use our guided setup with help prompts and videos to guide you through how to set up the integration.

We have also created lightning components you can add to any lightning page in Salesforce to check the connection status of the integration. You can add this to your homepages or anywhere in Salesforce to easily see if there are any connection issues. These components are:

  • Connection Information
  • Sync Information
  • Self-Diagnosis Tool
  • Self-Diagnosis Tool

We have created a new self-diagnosis tool. If you are having issues syncing between Salesforce and Xero, this tool will allow you to enter an invoice number and it will display any errors in clean, simple language. We are still building our database of error messages from Xero – if you come across an error that is unknown, please submit it to us and we will help you fix it.

The self-diagnosis tool is also on each invoice page where it will automatically check the invoice you are in to see if there are any errors. It can also be added to any lightning page via the lighting app builder.

  • Support and Troubleshooting + Download Debug Logs

Included in the new configuration page is the ability to run through a step by step process to contact our support team. We have also included a debug log downloader which will allow you to submit your error logs to us when you create a case to allow a quicker resolution. For any new support requests, we require you attach the debug logs and grant us login access along with a detailed description of the issue.

  • Launch of TwoCanConnect Support Portal and Guided Videos

We have just launched our new support portal:

The portal is being updated with videos, articles and blog posts / release updates over the next couple of weeks. As a customer of TCC, you can also submit a support request through this portal.

With the new release of TCC, the self-diagnose tool / download debug log features, we request that all support requests from 1st February 2020 are submitted via the portal rather than via direct email. Any direct emails will be asked to log via the support portal as this gives us all the information we need to diagnose and fix any issues.

  • Backend Code Optimisation

Cleaner, better & faster. We have completely rebuilt code from the ground up to be more efficient, faster and build the foundation for future feature enhancements.

  • Loads of new features / Design Efficiencies
  • You can now choose the sync frequency, which opens up the flexibility of the sync timer for your customer. The options available are:
    • 15 minutes (default)
    • 30 minutes
    • 1 Hour
    • 2 Hours
    • 4 Hours
    • 8 Hours
    • 12 Hours
    • Daily
  • From configuration, you can now mass assign / unassign permission sets to users.
  • In the inventory sync page, if there are errors with products when importing they will now highlight per line rather than give a general error.
  • For new contacts / customers, the instant ‘Send to Xero’ button from the invoice now also creates the Xero Contact at the same time. You no longer have to click into the Xero Contact and sync that first as the button from the invoice will now do it for you.
  • Emailing Invoices from Lightning just got easier. After you attach the invoice to the record using the ‘Download Invoice from Xero’ button, when attaching a file in the email editor from the invoice, you can now choose ‘Related Files’ to show only files attached to the record.
  • There is now a ‘Sent to Contact’ field and button in the invoice. When this field is checked or the button is clicked, it marks the invoice as Sent to Contact in Xero during our 15minute sync.
  • The online Invoice URL is now also syncing into the invoice record. Send this URL to your customer (or use it as a field in your email templates) to give the customer direct online access to the invoice.
  • The Xero Field ‘Expected Payment Date’ is now a field that syncs with TwoCanConnect.
  • Fixed an issue when reconnecting after the connection is lost – it will no longer make you log in twice to reconnect Xero.
  • Fixed a design issue when creating a new invoice – it would flash up a screen with a red bar before loading the page. This has been removed / fixed.
  • Fixed a design issue when selecting a date for a new invoice – replaced the date picker with a lightning date picker where you can see the current or selected date in blue.
  • More informative TOAST messages are now displayed and have been upgraded for lightning.
  • Due to a new feature activated in the last Salesforce release, ‘Customise Application’ permission is no longer required to use the ‘Send to Xero’ button.
  • A default set of reports / dashboards have been added to the latest package version.
  • An admin page has been added to the configuration to quickly access critical information related to Xero and Salesforce.
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