TwoCanConnect – v1.59 Release

We hope that you are keeping safe and healthy during these uncertain times. We are still working at 100% capacity, keeping our dev team in work and providing updates for TwoCanConnect.

Our next version is ready for release and will be pushed to your ORG shortly.

Sandbox Update

Sandboxes will be automatically updated on 20th April, 2020.

Production Update

Production instances will be automatically updated on 27th April, 2020.

Also, we are now officially listed publicly on the AppExchange and the Xero App Marketplace! A big thank you to all of our current customers who have been providing feedback and helping us improve the platform.

Happy to announce a load of new features!


Page Layout Editor Tool

We have now launched our page layout editor tool. From the TwoCanConnect configuration, you can add all of the TwoCanConnect Fields and Related Lists in bulk to all of your page layouts without having to do it manually!

Account Matching – Page Enhancements

We have redesigned the account matching page to be more modern. We now show the number of accounts to be matched plus a more efficient matching design / buttons.

Account Matching Page – Set your own queries

In the account matching page, you can now set your own queries and filter criteria for the matches for more flexible matching. Previously, we only did a fuzzy match by the name – now you can choose the criteria. It works with person accounts as well!

Account Matching Page Auto Matching Tool

When you have set your filter criteria, you can now use the auto-matching tool to automatically match the contacts on the current page (up to 50 contacts) or all pages. There is also a new report in the TwoCanConnect report folder which shows you all of the automatically matched contacts.

Account Matching Page Auto Matching Tool – Schedule

If you have integrations that connect directly with Xero and bypass Salesforce, it can be a real pain having to go to the account matching page all the time to add new accounts to Salesforce. Included in the auto-matching tool is a scheduler which can be set to run and automatically match accounts in the background at a set frequency based on the matching rules you set.

New Syncing Logic for OnlineInvoiceURL / API Limits

If you have a large amount of historical contacts, we found that you could hit API limits when retrieving the OnlineInvoiceURL. We have now built additional logic in our historical sync to ensure that you won’t pass your API limits.

Last 10 Syncs Feature

On the TwoCanConnect homepage, we have now added a last 10 syncs feature. This allows you to check the status of the last 10 syncs completed between Salesforce and Xero. You can also see which records synced or had issues so you can fix then ready for sync.

Mobile Form Factor Layouts

In the latest release of Salesforce in February, they also released the enhanced Salesforce mobile app. This allows us to tailor lightning page layouts for mobile. We have optimised the invoice page layout for the new update for easy browsing on mobile using the new Salesforce mobile experience.

Sync Order Changes for Conflict

There was the rare occasion where there may be a sync conflict if you have two syncs running at once. We have adjusted our logic so only 1 sync can run at a time to avoid disconnects.

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